Sunday, 5 September 2010

Michael Schumacher is a Disgrace

So for anyone not into motorsport, Formula 1 specifically, Michael Schumacher is a German F1 driver and the most successful driver in the history of the sport with 7 World Titles.  After racing for Benetton, Schumacher moved eventually to Ferrari where he enjoyed much success, setting records for pole positions, races won and a whole boatload of others.
But 'Schuey' was not only known for his elite driving ability.  He was also known for having a wild streak and for being impulsive, dangerous and reckless.  This was outlined a month ago when Schumacher almost killed ex team-mate Rubens Barrichello by deliberately attempting to block a pass by the Brazilian and almost running Barrichello into a wall at 300km/h.  The penalty?  10 spots on the grid in the next race.
10 spots on the grid?  IF and thank heavens we are talking in IF's and not WHEN's - Barrichello had ended up crushed after this outrageous move by Schumacher, would 'murder' be a too strong term to describe the actions of this obviously talented but out of control maniac?  If murder deemed to be an apt term, is attempted murder a fair summation of events at Hungaroring in early August?
My respect for Schumacher is as low as swerving into your team mate to attempt to save a place in a race you are never going to win, in a championship you could never win, in a sport that so obviously has sped past you.


  1. I hate that guy bro, spread the love

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  3. I wouldn't go as far as call him a disgrace...

  4. Great read, will definitely follow.

    Perhaps Michael could learn from me at

  5. i don't think it would be attempted murder.. he just wanted to win the race, not kill the other guy. but if he did kill him then it would have been murder for sure.

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